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March 2016 ~ Welcome to the New TechScope Web Site!
(Currently undergoing further construction, please check back regularly for updates & additions.)

Computer Services
- Visits for Service and Assistance to Home and Business, Town or Country. Practical solutions to all computer and modern technology problems or for developing ideas for growth and office evolution.
One Man (Sole Trader) - 600 customers and counting, many loyal, regular and returning customers, including dozens of rural businesses. Established January 2005, continuous trading ever since, this is one of Worcestershire's best-kept secrets. Advertising has been minimal simply because word-of-mouth and reputation has driven trade. Thorough, honest and informative. Daytime or Evening Call-out.

Examples of typical jobs undertaken:
  • Regular service and maintenance/optimisation, whether one computer/device or many.
  • Windows 10 Upgrade gone wrong? - Let's sort that out for a start! All Windows versions plus Apple Mac / Linux.
  • Email - a common problem. Implement, create, modify, delete, transfer, phase-out/phase-in, synchronisation, delivery options; reliable spam control (POP accounts only); recovery, import/export, account management.
  • Virus removal and future breach prevention - Virus, worms, Trojans; scammers, ransomware, ID-Theft - when they hit, they can hit hard. Recover well, fill the gaps and lock down those backdoors.
  • General Security / Good Practice - The more you appreciate, the safer you'll be. Unlike much of the local 'competition', TechScope doesn't just fix stuff. We actively help you to work better: more securely and efficiently, so you can relax and concentrate without worry.
    (E.g. Solid Password Management advice and tools). We will also provide tuition for novices and improvers, for Windows generally, and for common applications or apps, such as MS Office, photo-editing and many others.
  • Purchasing assistance provided - helping to narrow down likely candidates for new computers and equipment according to your exact needs or likely future use.
  • New Computer Set-up & Data Transfer - Get perfect transfer of data and concurrent data archiving, including customisations on a new Operating System to ensure you work the way you want to.
  • Technical Advocacy - speaking to your various service providers (phone/broadband/TV) on your behalf, often using the appropriate technical terminology to help elevate an issue beyond the front line and into areas where things actually get done.
  • Data recovery from failed computers or devices - hard drives, memory/flash cards/sticks, optical disc restoration. Can even deal with ancient floppy disks or analogue-to-digital conversions (e.g VHS-to-DVD / Vinyl-to-MP3).
    NB: This may depend on the state of the original media. However, no recovery/result, no charge.
  • Home Network Device Integration - including Media Streaming / TV / Console / Network Attached Storage configuration, along with custom router configurations - tweak your Net!
  • Cloud device synchronisation - optimise the way you work between phone, PC, laptop and tablet. Understand the important principles of modern "Cloud" services and get a working understanding of the relevant security elements.
  • Hardware and cable testing / replacement - PC Component testing and re-sourcing; laptop diagnosis, minor repair (major repair requiring extensive disassembly referred on to local professional - I'm too busy on the road for that bit!).

Telephone: 07966 837320
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