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TechScope began in January 2005, and since then, over a decade's worth of incredible technological progress has brought us into a very different world, full of devices, gadgets and all manner of phones and computers. The huge leap made in broadband and network performance and the variety of its implementations means that we are more connected than ever. Problems are never very far away, though. Our reliance on all this technology comes up against the never-decreasing pace of change and technological development which can sometimes feel too fast for ease or comfort.

The average home user can feel inundated by even small developments and changes, and though the producers of all this gear may sell you something based on attractive hype, even now the practical experience can fall far short. A lot of this has to do with simply appreciating the power at your disposal. The curious and bold among us fair better by being engaged in all this change and "New Tech" and they soon discover reasons for using a feature on offer or for leaving well alone. A new learning curve, albeit modest, seems just around the corner, to match a new batch of acronyms and trends. So how do you make it all work together and stay out of a mess?  TechScope consults with you on a personal level to discover what YOU want to do with all this - what you like, what you don't like, how you work and what might be missing that could make all the difference; and that could be a piece of hardware, some new software or both - and/OR it's likely to involve a simple matter of understanding something which is simple in itself but on first impressions seems entangled in complexity.
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